Mmabolela is renowned for the exceptional wealth of birdlife with some 350 different species having been recorded on the estate (see birdlist below) The combination of permanent pools in the Limpopo River, tall riparian woodland and arid thornveld, intersected by numerous ephemeral streams provides a rich diversity of habitats and plant communities. In addition, Mmabolela is situated along the migratory flyway for South Africa and many migrants traverse the area during spring and autumn.

The majestic Ana-trees along the river are favourite haunts for giant eagle owls and nesting white-backed vultures. A walk along the river will be rewarded with sightings of goliath heron and white-crowned plover. Listen to the plaintiff cry of the African fish-eagle and haunting call black cuckoo. Spend an hour in a hide at a waterhole and watch the constant coming and going of waxbills and finches. Or, just relax on the Weederdooper stoep and enjoy the many different birds to be found around the homestead.

Mmabolela birdlist .xls