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Mmabolela offers you an excellent 4x4 experience.

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4x4 trails on Mmabolela

Sometimes, the spirit of adventure starts with the turn of a key, the roar of a diesel engine, and the sight of a rarely beaten track through a dusty windshield. 

Off road holidays are a way to find new paths, see new things, and enjoy the seclusion and tranquility that comes to one in the unpaved, unlined roadways of the bush.

Experience true adventures in Limpopo

Mmabolela, with our diverse and varied terrain of canopied forestland that switches to dusty bushveld, and then to deep (mostly!) riverbed crossings flanked by rocky crags and ridges, is a sure delight for any 4x4 enthusiast.

Follow routes and trails that loop and intertwine through all of the diverse terrain, giving you a rough landscape that you can use as your own adventure land.

And as you do, Africa’s fauna will be on show. From giraffe, kudu, eland and zebra to the elusive leopard, and more – the denizens of the African bushveld will be present to enhance your 4x4 adventures in Limpopo.

Then, as daylight fades and the African sun starts to kiss the horizon, you can make your way back to the comfort of camp– to relax and reflect on the day's adventures.

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