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by Simon Berry December 9th, 2021

When last did a holiday destination truly take your breath away? 

Finding a holiday destination that provides a balance of scenic nature views, spacious, comfortable and affordable accommodation, with fun outdoor activities for any age group, can be a difficult task. Be one of the first guests to book at this previously private game reserve in the Limpopo Bushveld.

Experience a wildlife adventure like no other, coupled with the subtle elegance of the finest views nature has to offer in this one-of-a-kind holiday destination in Limpopo, the hidden jewel of the Southern hemisphere! Tucked away in the serene Limpopo Bushveld, Mmabolela offers affordable homestead accommodation facilities, perfect as a vacation home for a large family or a group getaway. The Weerderdooper homestead is surrounded by 6500 ha of pristine nature reserve, providing the perfect outdoor escape with the comfort of your own beautifully furnished home.

While enjoying your outdoor holiday retreat in the secluded surroundings of the Limpopo Bushveld, guests have the option of making use of the fully equipped kitchens. With gas stoves and mains powered fridges you can rest assured that your food will be kept fresh. For a more authentic South African food experience, use of the outdoor braaiing facilities is encouraged for a delicious food highlight to add to the list of unforgettable memories you will take away from this nature getaway.

With the homestead hosting a large, furnished veranda overlooking a waterhole, this is a truly value-packed vacation experience as guests get treated to the views of the various wildlife and beautiful vegetation the nature reserve has to offer. Mmabolela is the ideal holiday destination for those looking to share an outdoor, wildlife experience with a group of friends or family. After an exciting day of exploring the 12km river frontage, visiting the famous Mabalel Hippo pool, or photographing the wildlife, guests can cool off in their own private plunge pool. Mmabolela also offers self drive night drives as a wonderful alternative to adventuring in the African sun, where guests may be lucky enough to spot game such as the bat-eared fox or even the elusive leopard.

With Mmabolela as your holiday resort, guests are able to take full advantage of all the sights of the vast Limpopo Valley Bushveld. The nature reserve, in addition to the abundance of wildlife, boasts a variety of options for guests to be able to explore the vast landscapes, riverine and woodlands by cycling or taking a 4x4 driving adventure. Guests may also get more up close and personal with the dynamic beauty and views of this unique holiday spot by choosing to walk or jog around the reserve. With the exclusivity each homestead offers, guests can enjoy their own private piece of paradise with the freedom to explore all the corners of the Limpopo, whenever you like and without the disturbance of other guests. Making this an affordable, all-access holiday treat, perfect for a fun-filled getaway in one of Limpopo’s most pristine nature offerings.

The vast bushveld with numerous waterholes and pools make Mmabolela the perfect environment to host its abundance of wildlife. But while the diverse wildlife is a sight to behold, this tranquil holiday setting nestled in the Limpopo Valley is home to some 350 species of birdlife too. Making Mmabolela a holiday experience that will allow you to get the best of what nature has to offer, with a wealth of game and birdlife complimenting the boundless and unique Bushveld vegetation.

If you have been looking for a holiday destination that offers exclusivity and comfort, without breaking the bank, and that provides an opportunity for you and a group of your loved ones to trade in the hustle and bustle of the city for an escape into the stunning solitude of your own private retreat, tailored for your relaxation and enjoyment, then Mmabolela is the destination for you. Come and get your taste of the Southern hemisphere by exploring one of Limpopo’s best holiday destinations at Mmabolela. Enjoy the fresh air and soak in the unforgettable views of this idyllic holiday spot that is sure to leave you with wonderful memories to last you a lifetime! 

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